An Open Letter From Our Chairman

An open letter from the Chairman

July 21, 2021

We’ve been working hard for you. You. Meaning our Investors. Our Employees. Our Customers. Our Vendors. YOU.

I don’t speak much publicly. I am vocal in day-to-day operations. Where I consider the truly important place to be vocal. Please allow me a few moments of your time. I will put words to paper here and leave you with my thoughts, but I would much prefer that you judge us based on our actions, not our words.

The intent behind DEEP GREEN has always been to build something worthwhile; substantive if you will. Something to be admired. Something that could inspire and bring hope. And who on this planet does not need hope? It was and remains important to do right by our customers, to take care of and grow our employees and their skillsets and importantly to provide a solid investment opportunity for investors seeking to diversify and grow their portfolios.

We began this journey in 2011 with little more than a sparkle in our eye and a dream in our heart. We started small; from nothing actually. Born from a desire to break free from old-school norms and dare to think of better ways to do things. Inclusive, collaborative, innovative. Speed to market, teamwork, good work environment. All of these things matter.

It has not always been easy. We have made mistakes, yes, and to our credit we have learned from them. We know that growing too quickly can be painful if not properly charted. We have learned that finance partners must be aligned with our goals and time horizons. They must be vetted and capable of providing financing, not just promising it. Indeed, we have been knocked to our knees once for failing to vet.  But we did what great teams do and have always done… we dusted ourselves off and steeled ourselves to get back in the game; not just to play but to win. Ipso facto, great teams must have true grit and undaunting determination. Check.

We have a lot more to do but we have a plan for it all. There is a balance sheet to clean up. There are progressively larger acquisitions to be made. We are using all means at our disposal to make this a reality. In the beginning that will be a combination of officer loans and notes that convert into equity. We understand those convertible notes will create some dilution. We work tirelessly to minimize dilution. Please know it is in no way a long-term strategy. It is a short-term strategy only.

Our successes have been, and will be, the direct result of hiring great people with solid ethics and a desire to make things better. We
have completed a prodigious amount of work to bring us to this point. We are poised and stand ready to execute on the next steps of our battle plan. We DID NOT ‘get dressed up for nothing’. So, as I and this team breathe, we are of constant awareness of the original investors that believed in us personally and took
this from a boot-strap organization to a publicly traded company. Moreover, we are ever-conscious of our new investors who have found us and believe in our
ideals and our future.

Thank you for your interest and support and stay tuned to bear witness to our actions; not our words.

Sincerely yours,

Bill Edmonds

Chairman of the Board